>Groups, Hoops, and Engines

Today I’ve edited the Links and the Blogroll to include the groups that I belong to. It is a bit easy to access through my Yahoo360 profile page. All of the Louisiana groups are located to the right of the page. You may have to join some of the groups in order to view their messages. I did find another Yahoo group for adoptions in Louisiana, Louisiana Adoption Advocates. Somewhere else on the net is a Baton Rouge group for adoptions – I “oversurfed” that site recently and will have to backtrack in order to find the link!

The MSN group site has the ability to create pages. I’ve added a link to the MSN group site. MSN Groups will allow visitors to surf the group pages without joining – so far as I can tell. I logged out and surfed into the site without a hitch. Creating pages on MSN is a bit of a problem. You won’t believe what I had to do to get the HTML to work properly. I created them on the Google site and they cut and paste fine, but if I attempt to create my own html MSN fouls it all up. Now, Bloglines allows public access to your blogroll and blog at Bloglines, but it does not allow for edits. I changed the links for the Bloglines blogroll to “public” in the html. Otherwise the blog shows and not the blogroll. The hoops you have to jump through. And as for the WordPress site. I should clarify that creating an account is different from creating a user name. If you create an account on WordPress you will get your own blog. If you check the correct box on the sign up form, then from Louisiana Genealogy Blogs @ Word Press, go to bottom right “Log In” – you can create a user name only and will be added to the blog as a contributor. Otherwise WordPress will set you up with your own blog. And that’s fine, too, but not the idea I had in mind. Google notifications – this isn’t working out on Yahoo as planned. The notifications show up in plain text on the Yahoo message board instead of the expected HTML. MSN group doesn’t post many of the items that I have requested it to post. The few items that have actually appeared do post in HTML and so the links to the items work properly on the MSN Groups site. I’ll have to post further Google notifications from the Yahoo Group site, instead of from my email due to this bug in Yahoo Groups posts that allows for text only. I understand that the Rich texts editor in Yahoo messages is still in beta. Map Stats – Map Stats was added to Blogger and then the site meter disappeared. I have enjoyed site meter for quite some time. It will additionally allow you to view where your visitors are located and sometimes give you their referral links. The Map Stats from Blog Flux were added to the left hand side, but it quit working until today after I added the button. Now Blog Flux Map Stats is up and running again. If you compare Site Meter locations and Blog Flux locations you will see a big difference!

Google has customized search engines that I’ve created and linked to MSN as well. This customized engine works okay. I wouldn’t say that it is fabulous, however. When I searched, as suggested, for the main Yahoo Louisiana group, Google couldn’t find it directly. There are some ticks to work out. I’m soliciting for collaborators – and some in put. The fine tuning of this search engine will require someone with more knowledge than I have, but for the time being – it works. The search engine on MSN Louisiana Genealogy site searches all of the MSN Google and Yahoo groups that are listed on the MSN site Groups link.


About Louisiana Genealogy Admin

I manage several RootsWeb mailing lists and message boards, support Louisiana Cemetery Preservation, am a former Louisiana and Mississippi librarian, have been researching genealogy of my family since 1988, and write and promote several blogs supporting either Louisiana genealogy or Louisiana cemeteries.
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