Ascension Parish – Four People Arrested in Connection with Ascension Parish Cemetery Thefts

Four People Arrested in Connection with Ascension Parish Cemetery Thefts
Reporter: Greg Meriwether, WAFB 9NEWS

Several people are behind bars, accused of stealing from the graves of some south Louisiana soldiers. It’s happening at several Ascension Parish cemeteries.

There’s an old saying that some people will do anything for a buck. Someone had been stealing the military grave markers off of graves and selling them for their valuable brass as scrap. It’s almost too low for one man to stomach. “It’s a shame. It’s a shame. Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing is sacred,” the man says.
Ascension Parish sheriff’s detectives say they had gotten a slew of complaints, many from the East Bank, from people missing items from their loved ones’ graves. Ascension detectives searched the local scrap yards and they say that led them to Gary Lee Glover of Gonzales.

Detectives tell us Glover would sneak into the cemeteries and target the graves of military service people and steal their military plaques, only to peddle them off as scrap. Detectives were able to recover some plaques, but some are lost forever. “There are no words. It’s sad. That’s the bottom line,” the man says.
Detectives arrested several of the scrap yard owners because they didn’t keep proper records. They did recover some of the plaques and chances are some people might not even know they are missing.
During the investigation, detectives were able to recover some stolen plaques that have the following military servicemen’s names engraved:

  • Herman John Bennett
  • Jerome A. Anderson
  • Allen James
  • Doron White
  • Madison Milen
  • Ernest Garrett
  • FosterJoshua
  • Subert Burns

According to sheriff’s office records, these plaques have not been reported stolen. The following is also a list of names that were documented in records as having been sold for scrap, but not recovered:

  • Louis Payne
  • Howard Hart
  • Joseph Jean Cedatol
  • Milton A. Dossey, III
  • Ernest Pitre
  • L. Gray
  • Henry Johnson
  • Evest James, Sr.
  • Walter Peterson
  • Walter Smith
  • Percy Melancon
  • Owen Fillmon

No plaques bearing these names have been reported stolen.
Anyone recognizing the names of a loved one listed is urged to contact the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office at 225-621-8375.


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