>FTM 2009, MSN Groups, and Chasing Bonnie with Floyd Largent

>I’ve read the most incredible story today that I’d like to share with you. Floyd Largent has written this two part story about Bonnie & Clyde. Complete with tombstone photos, Mr. Largent describes his adventure, “Chasing Bonnie and Clyde in Dallas”. The author mentioned Roy Thornton. Gee, that name sounds familiar. Bonnie Parker was really “Bonnie Thornton”. more…

If any of you are having problems with FTM 2009, there are a few threads on the LAORLEAN mailing list that my interest you. It seems that the program has caused more than a few problems for those people who have decided to upgrade from previous versions.

For those of you who have not heard the news, yet, MSN Groups are shutting down. I finally recieved this email today. There are very few genealogy groups transferring to Multiply. The fate of some of the best genealogy groups on the net is uncertain.

Dear MSN Groups Customer,
As a valued MSN Groups or MSN Communities Web
Folders customer, we want to notify you that the MSN Groups service will close
on February 21, 2009 and you will have the opportunity to move your group to our
new partner service, Multiply. We understand the importance of keeping your
group together, so we partnered with Multiply to create a migration process that
moves your group to their service to preserve your online community and its
history. Read on to find out about how to kick off the automatic migration of
your group to Multiply.
We realise this may be unexpected, so before
presenting your options we want to briefly share why we’ve made this
Why? Because we are dedicated to providing our customers with the
most current and user friendly technology available today we made the difficult
decision to close the MSN Groups service. This decision is part of an overall
investment to update and re-align our online services with Windows Live. In the
long term we believe that closing the service is the best way to continue to
offer innovative and effective services that help you stay in touch with the
people you care about. We plan to launch a new Groups service in the coming
weeks, but unlike MSN Groups, Windows Live Groups will focus on offering a place
for small groups to collaborate. Multiply is available now, making it your best
option today for continuing to share and communicate together online.
for moving your group to a new serviceWe’ve listed some options and resources
below to help you decide what to do with your group.
Option 1: Automatically
move your group and its data. We have established a partnership with Multiply,
an online group and media sharing service so our users can choose to migrate
their group to Multiply’s service. Choosing this option is free and easy to use:
Multiply will move the Group’s content on your behalf and invite members to
re-join your group in its new location. To begin the migration click here.
Option 2: Start again on another service. You
can start from scratch and create your group on a different service but we
recommend having your Group moved automatically by Multiply. This will enable
your Group to transition easily and continue to enjoy the community you have
Option 3: Start again on Windows Live Groups. To further expand our
mix of communications and sharing services, Windows Live will launch a new
service this autumn, Windows Live Groups. We plan to launch Windows Live Groups
to the public in the coming weeks as a service that helps small groups or clubs
collaborate online.
Options for MSN Communities Web Folders usersIf you use
save files to the MSN Communities web folders (also known as “My Web Sites on
MSN” or the web folder “My Groups”), these services are part of MSN Groups and
will therefore will also be closed on February 21, 2009. We recommend that if
you store files online using MSN Communities web folders that you back up these
files locally, then upload them to another online storage service such as
Windows Live SkyDrive. For more details on how to find and move files saved to
your web folders, visit the MSN Groups Resource Center.
Your Next Steps We have sent
this letter to each MSN Groups user, whether member or manager. If you are:
A member or user of MSN Groups: Check with your group manager to determine
whether they plan to migrate the group.
A manager: Visit the MSN Groups
Resource Center to learn more about your options and consider soliciting
feedback from your group members about what they would prefer to do, when and
how. The Resource Center also provides a sample splash page you can use to
notify your members that the group will move. If you’re ready to move the group
now, click here.
What to Expect between now and
the closing dateBetween today and February 21, 2009 the MSN Groups service will
remain the same as it is now. We will remove the option to add more storage to
your group but other features will remain until the service is shut down and you
can use it the same way you do today until the date of closure.
Where can I
learn more?You probably have more questions, and that’s why we created a website
to address them. Please visit the MSN Groups Resource Center at any time for the most up to date
answers to common questions, information about migrating your group to Multiply,
contact information for our support staff, and important dates.
Our support
staff are equipped to answer your questions and guide you through issues that
may arise as you decide what to do with your group. They are ready to help so
don’t hesitate to contact them at MSN Groups Customer Support with your questions.
We thank
you for using our services and regret any inconvenience this may cause.
Groups, Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft respects your privacy. To learn more,
please read our online Privacy Statement.
Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft
Way, Redmond, WA 98052

More in my mailbag today:

Isaac Rose and Josephine StantonBy isaacadams He died in 1922 in Saint Mary Parish, Louisiana. Martin S. Rose was born in 1842 in Alabama. He died about 1842 in Monroe County, Alabama. Rose Rose was born in 1844 in Monroe County, Alabama. She died on 2 Feb 1926 in Louisiana. …Adams Genealogy – http://adamsgen.wordpress.com/

Paul Travis and Sophia LucyBy randomguy37 He died on 13 Nov 1939 in Saint Charles Parish, Louisiana. Thomas B. Travis was born in 1875 in Mississippi. He died on 13 May 1936 in Louisiana. Reuben C. Travis was born in 1879 in Lowndes County, Mississippi. …NH Genealogy – http://nhgenealogy.wordpress.com/

Peter Burke and AliceBy davef1132 Isabella S. Burke was born in 1855 in Newport County, Rhode Island. She died on 15 Sep 1946 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. George Burke was born in 1858 in Newport County, Rhode Island. He died on 13 Dec 1946 in Louisiana. …Dave’s Genealogy Blog – http://davefreeman.wordpress.com/


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I manage several RootsWeb mailing lists and message boards, support Louisiana Cemetery Preservation, am a former Louisiana and Mississippi librarian, have been researching genealogy of my family since 1988, and write and promote several blogs supporting either Louisiana genealogy or Louisiana cemeteries.
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