>Socialism, communism, and capitolism in Louisiana

I’m hearing the word “socialism” and “communism” more and more lately. It led me to a discovery from Louisiana Public Broadcasting. The photograph, hopefully loaded above, is of The Rice Ranch, in Elton, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. We all love rice in Louisiana. I myself cooked three different varieties last night. We were running low on the plain, bland rice so I mixed in Wild Rice and cooked up some Spanish rice, too. My son loves rice in any flavor. He thinks red beans and rice is the perfect snack.

I enjoyed reading this article today. I thought that I would share it with you, too.
American Utopia
Louisiana’s New Llano Colony

On that map referred to by the late Irish writer is a spot in west Louisiana where the hopes and ideals of over 10,000 people came together to create Amebrica’s longest lived socialist community, the Llano del Rio Cooperative Colony.”

Someone on GenForum Louisiana posted an interesting query concerning an old jug. It brings back the memories of my grandpaw’s collection of Wild Turkey bottles. I was told he poured all of that out just so that he could collect the bottle. I’m wondering still today if that was true or just something my family led me to believe…Was your grandad a bootlegger?

We have an old stoneware liquor jug marked “Morris & Johnston, Liquors & Wines, Belle Island, La.” and I was wondering if anyone knew of that group or when they were in business? I see there’s a “Bell” Island at Eagle Lake in Madison Parish just north of Vicksburg, MS. Our family used to have a fish camp at Eagle Lake and that’s where the jug was found…probably back in the 1960s.

Anyone know anything about Morris & Johnston? If you know the answer, please post it to Louisiana GenForum.


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