The Algerine

The Algerine is a publication of the Algiers Historical Society. From their website: A 24-page quarterly newsletter. The newsletter includes a message from the President, articles, photos, maps, members’ letters, information on forthcoming meetings and speakers, and lists of new members. Articles are always welcome, preferably in “word” format if you have a computer, but handwritten memories of life in Algiers are also encouraged. When submitting articles, please put all last names in capitals. Back copies can be purchased at $3.00 each (see index). Also (from Sept., 2006 [issue no.24]) available as pdf files for the same price.

(All issues feature a message from the President and members’ letters)

No.1 (Dec., 2000) – Algiers Early Names, Researching Historic Property, About The President,

No.2 (Mar., 2001) – Family History; Algiers When I Was A Boy; The DANIELS Brothers; Louisiana Indians; George LEWIS. Jazz Clarinetist.

No.3 (Jun., 2001) – The BOCAGE Boat Builders; Charles BOCAGE; Eddie BO; Toussaint L’OUVERTURE; The Folly Theatre Remembered.

No.4 (Sep., 2001) – Algiers Markets; Henry “Red” ALLEN; Charles Henry BROWNLEE.

No.5 (Dec., 2001) – The Jackson MOLAISON Interviews; Henry David FRENCH.

No.6 (Mar., 2002) – The Jackson MOLAISON Interviews (contd.); The GOSSELIN Property; The GOSSELIN Tract.

No.7 (Jun., 2002) – Martin Behrman FRENCH; Henry David FRENCH; John BROWNLEE; The Events of June, 1912.

No.8 (Sep., 2002) – The Missing Cylinder; Algiers Musicians; It’s All In The Algiers Herald; Voodoo In New Orleans; John McDONOGH; Lot 9 – Square 16.

No.9 (Dec., 2002) – Algiers Point Celebrates 95th Birthday; Lot 9 – Square 16 (contd.); 1841 City Directory; FRENCH/BROWNLEE Photos; Civil War Notes.

No.10 (Mar., 2003) – DUVERJE Cemetery/DELCAZAL Park; Street Names.

No.11 (Jun., 2003) – Creoles Of Color; BEHRMAN High School Band; Bars, Saloons, Clubs & Taverns Of 1955; Red Light Look At New Orleans; Gulf Refining Company.

No.12 (Sep., 2003) – Horse Racing, Bull & Bear Combats & Jazz; Boxing & Side Shows; The Ping Pong Club & Gussie NEAL.

No.13 (Dec., 2003) – Algiers’ Italian Grocery Stores & Markets; Placide ADAMS; Urbin “Cricket” SCHERNBECK; Trinity Lutheran Church “Harvest Jubilee.”

No.14 (Mar., 2004) – Algiers During Prohibition; 1933 Saloon Ads; c.1940 BEHRMAN School Band; “I’m My Own Grandpa.”

No.15 (Jun., 2004) – Bonnie & Clyde in Algiers; William S. BURROUGHS; A Walk With Judge FORTIER (1850 Census taker).

No.16 (Sep., 2004) – John HUGHES: Algiers Ship Builder; Ronnie BARRON; “Kid” Thomas VALENTINE; John McDONOGH; Civil War Notes.

No.17 (Dec., 2004) – The Algiers Brass Band; The City Over The River; 1842: Algiers City Directory.

No.18 (Mar. 2005) – “Dis ‘n’ Dat;” Algiers: The Chicago Link; 1846: City Directory for Algiers & McDonoghville; A Brief Ethnic History of New Orleans; “The Story of Algiers” Index; Milton MARTIN Interview; Capt. Levi Perry BACK; Algiers Sidewalks.

No.19 (Jun., 2005) – “Dis ‘n’ Dat;” 1930 Algiers’ Musicians; The DUVERJE De MARIE Family; The Saint Domingue Refugees; Tom ALBERT Interview.

No.20, (Sep., 2005), – add – “Dis ‘n’ Dat;” Adolph RINCK, Portrait Painter; “Brilliant;” Algiers Railroad Era; Pelican Gulf Station; Jazz Photograph Inventory.

No.21, (Dec., 2005) – “Dis ‘n’ Dat;” City Over The River That Is The Brooklyn Of New Orleans; Norman Edward BROWNLEE; Marcus GARVEY; Algiers’ SUTHERLANDs.

No.22 (Mar., 2006) – The Algiers Railroad; “Over Da River”; The 18th Vermont Infantry Regiment in Algiers.

No.23 (Jun., 2006) – The Algiers’ SUTHERLANDS (contd.); The Attack on Algiers, 1815.

No.24 (Sep., 2006) – Melvin BUSH; the Algiers Ferry Boats of 1925; the Pelican Dry Dock; the MORGAN Line; Addendum to Algiers’ SUTHERLANDS; Lee Harvey OSWALD; the Saloons of 1915.

No.25 (Dec., 2006) – Gretna (a short history and dedication); Street Railways of Old Algiers; “Over Da River”; “Dis ‘n’ Dat.”

No.26 (Mar., 2007) – The Pendulum Swings; Antebellum Algiers’ Railroad Workers; All American Carnival Club of Algiers; The Steamer ‘Ceres’; Freetown

No.27 (Jun., 2007) – 1850 Freetown Census; The Chinese Community of Algiers & New Orleans Area

No.28 (Sep., 2007) – Chinese Community (contd.); Firemen’s Parade of 1891; Algiers Fire Companies; “Real Algerine”; “Dis ‘n’ Dat”

No.29 (Dec., 2007) – James JARVIS; Fire in Algiers; Towns Over the River Share in Prosperity; Ferry Specifications, 1866; “French” BROWNLEE; Life on the Sugar Cane Plantations; “Dis ‘n’ Dat”

No.30 (Mar., 2008) – The Music Venues of 19th Century Algiers, McDonoghville & Gretna; Notable Algerines; Fifth Fire District Companies; “Did ‘n’ Dat”

No.31 (Jun., 2008) – Mount Olivet Church Parishioners (1903); Algiers Music Talk (part 1); La. State Museum Publications; 1849 – Algiers, McDonoghville & Gretna Residents

No.32 (Sep.08) – Algiers Boys Who Go; 1849 Residents (contd.); 2nd Nazarine Church of Algiers

No.33 (Dec.08) – K.K.K. in Algiers; The Black & White Of My Life; Ursula MANETTA LEWIS interview; 1867/68 coffee houses; Colored Red Cross


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