>Hoey, Hebert, Brecheen, Taylor Academy Cemetery, Yahoo groups search, and citations on Ancestry

>Hebert surname returned over 966 results on GeneaNet this week. It is just one of the surnames that I have subscribed to at GeneaNet. Subscribers may also use the option to contact other researchers where the researcher’s email address is available. In the past, I’ve used this feature to request a connection and I was then able to access the email address of the researcher. Well, out of 18 or 20 emails, 3 responded and 3 were bad email addresses. The feature is nice, but not everyone updates their email address. Such is the case for a few LAGenWeb parish co-ordinators (very few) lately [note: Ed Hayden is looking for the LINCOLN LAGenWEB parish CO-ORDINATOR (he’s on the lam… ] OR it is also possible that ED’s email to the parish co-ordinator just didn’t get through and was mis-typed. I’ve had that happen, too. I have quite a few emails in my mailbox, but I also get a moderate amount of SPAM, usually from overseas. It is a good practice to check your SPAM folders occasionally, for stray emails that don’t belong in there. I find a good email every now and again.

There are recent posts to the Louisiana Genealogy Blog forum and a stray post in my old Geocities guestbook that researchers may be interested in viewing. I’ve since changed my Geocities guestbook to My Heritage due to Geocities impending closure. I have also moved the Geocities site to WEBNG. If you sign up using my referral, I get more webspace – not that I need it 🙂 … but in case some of you are looking for free webspace – dareyago- dareitis.

In my mailbag today.
RootsWeb mailing list posts from Webster parish regarding Taylor Cemetery or possibly aka Taylor Academy Cemetery near Cullen, Louisiana. I could not find the USGenWeb cemetery listing for this cemetery that was referenced in the Ancestry post. I did find the cemetery listing with 13 internments on Find A Grave. I suppose two more internments should be listed now.

Has anyone ever heard of Hoeyville Plantation? Well, there was a post about Hoeyville, too, today. You can read more here. There is a plethora of information that this researcher has compliled that included information from Tulane and the NOPL oral history archives. Personally, I had never heard of Hoeyville Plantatation, but I don’t know everything either! It is lovely to learn more about Louisiana.

Another researcher is looking for more information about Gedeon Aucoin and Emelie Naquin families in Terrebonne Parish.

What topped off my morning was reading The Ancestry Insider who had a very enlightening post concerning citations on Ancestry, “Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy, 1718-1820”. We share this opinion, “I find Ancestry.com’s practice of renaming databases to be troublesome.”

From the Yahoo Groups blog:
Message Search
“While we know that many of you are disappointed that this week’s maintenance did not include a fix to the message search issue, we are happy to report that we will be pushing out a fix to ALL groups in the next month that should resolve this problem. Currently groups that are affected by this bug are not returning search results altogether, or, may not be returning complete results. If your group meets these criteria, please register your group here : http://surveylink.yahoo.com/wix/p6290938.aspx and it will be one of the first groups migrated over to the new Message Search next month.”

I’ve registered the group – twice , FYI, The search feature will likely be down for awhile.

I usually do not make comments of this nature or so off topic and I apologize completely, however, this requires the exception. Air Force One, yesterday, at less than 1500ft? … Over the statue of Liberty with an F16 escort?… Excuse my expletive…, “WHOLELEEE CRAP!” All for a Presidential photo shoot?????!!!!! WHAT?! IDIOCY!?! [GET OUT OF MY AIRSPACE!]


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I manage several RootsWeb mailing lists and message boards, support Louisiana Cemetery Preservation, am a former Louisiana and Mississippi librarian, have been researching genealogy of my family since 1988, and write and promote several blogs supporting either Louisiana genealogy or Louisiana cemeteries.
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