Illiteracy or Census error, photo request, Acadian Festival 2010, National Cemetery Summit

Couple finds a more than century old gravestone. – This relates to Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

“William Ashworth, Deliede’s husband, was born in the 1890s in South Carolina into a family of mixed race. The family left and traveled west to the area now called Calcasieu Parish in Louisiana and settled by 1810, according to Gilmer’s research, which may appear in a legal journal sometime next year.

Deliede, however, was a white woman born in 1804 into a family that probably lived near the Ashworths in Louisiana. Her name, originally Adelaide, was also spelled Delaide and Leide in records. Because she and her family were illiterate, Gillman said, census workers and other officials never knew how to spell her name. (*It is my understanding that a few census workers couldn’t spell worth a tinkers fart, too. I have had my family surname misspelled in quite a number of US Census’ .)

Delaide and William Ashworth likely acted as husband and wife for several years, then crossed the Sabine River on a raft into Mexico-controlled Texas in 1831.”

An LAORLEAN mailing list poster is looking for a tombstone picture in Metarie Cemetery. If you have the Christmas spirit and would like to help this lister, please refer to the original post to get her email for details of which tomb to phtograph. The message didn’t post a specific tomb, so you will have to contact the original poster for details.

Lynn LaBauve blogged about the 2010 Acadian Memorial Festival

The very first ever “National Cemetery Summit” was held in Greeneville, recently, according to The Greeneville Sun newspaper.

“This historic summit will bring together superintendents of national cemeteries from across the nation.

“During the meetings, the leaders will discuss policy, operations, general procedures, sharing of resources and technology, and methods of maintaining these treasured landmarks,” an announcement said.”

Wreaths Across America – Louisiana website


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