Lucretia Brainerd and Almira Brainerd on Ancient Faces in Louisiana

There are many mysterious photos from Louisiana posted on Ancient Faces. There are at least 36 photos posted from Louisiana. One of those photos posted is of a Miss Almira Brainerd. The photo was found in Louisiana.

More information from Ancient Faces:
Date taken : July 4, 1900 1900
Description :
I found this photo in a flea market in Louisiana.was so surprized she didn’t have a home and was in a flea market.I am seraching for the rightful owner of this young lady’s portrait. It reads on back.
Miss Almira Brainerd
Kirkwood ,Ill.
1-16×20 Crayon
Grade D
Agt A F Efrairly
July 4-1900 grand display of fireworks. Well remembered.
She is too beautiful to be left in a closet or tin box to go to ruin. Black and white photos usually last 100 yers..this photo in 104 yrs old..Is she your family? contact me at to claim her..thanks Rita..

Mystery :
Who does she belong to?

A Google Book popped up with information about several women named Almira Brainerd.

Almira Brainerd married M. Chadwick, and had one child, Charles Birney Chadwick. She died at Bucyrus, [Ohio] aged twenty-seven.

Almira Brainerd, born November 14, 1817 m. Alan Bliss of Plainville, Illinois having two children. p. 148

Almira F. Brainerd m. David Brainerd, son of Alfred Brainerd, January 15, 1838 no children. p. 132

Almira Brainerd was married ALSO to Mr. Cunger 1846 with a daughter. p. 16

Almira Brainerd was married to ______ Moffit, by whom she had three children: Edwin, Sarah Ann, and Romaine Moffit. p. 124

Almira Florilla Brainerd married David Brainerd on January 15, 1838 no children. She was the daughter of Roswell Brainerd. p. 142

Almira Linn married Asa Brainerd, December 9, 1828. p. 220

Almira Woodruff married Orren Brainerd March 8, 1834 in Conn. Having four children now living in Wisconsin as a farmer. p. 95

Almira Brainerd born April 19, 1807 daughter of Mabel Porter and Mr. Brainerd (lol) several siblings listed. p. 146

Dr. Brainerd married Maria Fox having twelve children, one of which, Almira born April 21, 1827 Buffalo, New York. p. 15

Almira Brainerd married Luther L. Dutcher, Esq. having seven children, one of which was….. you guessed it Almira Brainerd born June 21, 1832. p. 156

The title, The genealogy of the Brainerd family in the United States…., by David Dudley Field and written and published in they year 1857. None of this information tells me about the photo. I am left to wonder how did this photo end up in Louisiana? Well, transportation up and down the Mississippi River likely allowed for this adventure. So I tried Googling the title further and on page 47: “Lucretia Brainerd has been several years in some part of Louisiana, engaged in the instruction of youth, both in family schools and in seminaries.” Lucretia was born March 2, 1807. Well, now there is a connection to Louisiana to the Brainerd family even if it is not the Almira Brainerd I am looking for! Do you suppose Lucretia has a burial in Louisiana? Searching FAG there are two hits for a few of the above entries of the title, but none are in Louisiana.

More on Lucretia’s genealogy:
Chevers Brainerd married Martha Champion, daughter of Isreael and Mehetabel (Fuller) Champioin, September 10, 1795, and had five children by her. She died March 13, 1814, aged forty-one, and Mr. Brainerd married Widow Jerusha (Cornwall )Lord, relict of William Lord, October 15, 1814, and had by her four children.

A son b. Nov 18, 1803 d same day
A son July 1, 1805 died next day
Lucretia Brainerd Mar 20, 1807.
Martha April 19, 1809 m. Dr. Ira B. Blakeman
Mary Matilda Feb 22, 1812 single as of 1857
Jerusha July 28, 1815 d. Feb 18, 1818
Chevers Nove 7, 1817 d. Oct 13 1818
Jedidah Oct. 1 1819 d Aug 10 1844
Sarah March 16, 1821 d. Jan 2, 1840

More information is found on Lucretia in the LE RACONTEUR INDEX, VOLUME XXVII, 2007
Chevers 102
Lucretia 102
Miss 103


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  1. Thank you for sharing & nice detective work! I love the powers of Google searches. I only wish people would contribute more information about each photo when they share them at

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