Bad maps and misc. revisionist history West Florida

This is a 1912 version of the Louisiana Purchase, which does not include the 1819 US agreement to purchase West Florida and  East Florida in the Adams Onis Treaty . The image was lifted here. It’s easy to see how history forgot West Florida after looking at the 1912 map, isn’t it? I knew there was a simple explanation on the net somewhere for the revisionist history. I love maps, but this one does stand out more now.

Clearly, you can see the area of West Florida in the second map. From URL.

View the entire text of the treaty here. In its final statement the date is read:
“Given at Madrid the twenty fourth of October one thousand eight hundred and twenty.  FERNANDO      EVARISTO PEREZ DE CASTRO”
So they backdated the entire treaty to the day that it was signed not the day it became official or ratified by Spain.  Hmmmm.

24 October 1820
See 200th and here about the Bicentennial Celebration of West Florida. 
See LSU exhibit until Dec. 18th

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In my previous post the President even mentioned that maps of Louisiana in 1803 were scarce if even non-existant.  So why would a map made in 1912 of something that occurred in 1803 (over 100 years earlier) be much different?


More bad maps and representations of the Louisiana Purchase:



US Post Office / Gwillhickers: Image obtained from hi-res scan of US Postage stamp from private collection. Image rendered to correct color, tone, change image size and to add sharpness: New image file by Gwillhickers.

US Post Office

A more modern map from Wikipedia highlights two areas of Spanish cession in 1819, however, the wiki cites that this map may have errors…….Map source? National Atlas of the United States, US GOV

Melish’s map of the US 1818 (John Melish) was referenced in the treaty.
Here is another version of that time period. (1816);lc:RUMSEY~8~1&mi=2&trs=18&embedded=true&cic=RUMSEY%7E8%7E1&widgetFormat=javascript&widgetType=detail&controls=1&nsip=1


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