Cora Smith Maynard daughter of Issac N. Maynard

The stanza’s are out of order, but numbered.  No record at F.A.G. Beautiful poem, don’t you think? Cora was 19 years old when she died. This pdf file lists more information on Issac, who was manager and or assistant manager (as there are two Isaac N. Maynards father and son) of the New Orleans Clearinghouse Association. There is still more of Isaac N. Maynard, who became divorced in 1859 from Mary Baines, one year after the birth of Cora Smith Maynard. I’m not positive that Mary Baines was the mother of Cora with a middle surname such as Smith.  The earlier document of Confederate Military Manuscripts states that Isaac N. Maynard married Antionette D. Baines.  Is this Mary Baines? Still another pdf from the NYT on the business of the Association in 1893. In 1885 there appears to be an Isaac Maynard, Jr. and a Harry Maynard all living with Isaac N. Maynard at 218 Third Street.  The Association was located at 31 Camp St.
I would love to find Cora’s burial.  I imagine it would be as elaborate as the poem. I wonder where she’s buried?


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