U Boats and Gulf of Mexico in Google Newspaper Archives

August 5, 1945 – U-Boat Raft found in Gulf of Mexico

June 27, 1942 – Torpedoed vessel limps into port

May 16, 1942 – U-Boat boldly brings war to mouth of Miss.

Sunken German U-boat found in Gulf of Mexico

June 3, 1945 – Secret Weapon in UBoat War

April 2, 1971 – Uboat with mercury

July 17, 1942 – U Boat toll rises
July 17, 1942

May 1, 2009 article – 59 on the seabed Gulf of Mexico

April 27, 2003 – U boat crew member recalls

January 7, 1943 – Nazi’s say UBoat up Mississippi

July 16, 1942 – Allies take steps to curb ruthless UBoat war

November 22, 1946 – President dives 440 ft in captured Nazi sub

July 25, 2004 -Shipwrecks may shed light on Gulf history

April 1963

July 28, 2008 NPR

August 2, 2001 – Uboat sunk Gulf of Mexico 

June 2, 1946 – Magnetic finger

May 20, 1958 – Sunken sub hunt

October 18, 1941 – Mexico check on Gulf U Boat tip

January 30, 1946 – Uboat treasure

January 30, 1942 – Uboat sunk

July 1946 – Three landing ships missing from Panama to Gulf of Mexico LSM 484 LCI 883 LC ff 656

See Also WGHA Library
Louisiana: Southwest Louisiana: Kinfolks. Vol. 23, No. 1, 1999. Published quarterly by the Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 5652, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70606. ISSN 0742-7654, Soft cover, 8×11, Pages 1-56, Indexed, Fair Condition. CONTENTS: Society News/Society Library; Calendar of Events; January “Show and Tell” Program; November Program; Confederates in Mexico; Immigration/Emigration/Migration; Newton, La.; Natali Memoirs; From Our Readers; Early Southwest Louisiana Cattle Brands; Catholic Cemetery, Lake Charles, La.; World War II Memories; Red Cross Prisoner of War Bulletin; German Prisoner Camps of WWII; The Gulf Coast & the U-Boat Menace; Haskell House Letter & Article; Lake Charles News Items; Calcasieu Parish “Firsts”; How To Write a Better Query; Information from Exchanges; Queries; Book Reviews; Charts-Bess O’Neal and Emma Mae Weeks; 1999 Officers, Kinfolks Staff & Patrons.

Greater New Orleans Archives – PDF Newsletter offering U-Boat handouts

HNOC PDF Mystery of U 166



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