St. Landry Parish Courthouse

Saw this RootsWeb mailinglist post about a genealogy meeting at the St. Landry Parish courthouse.

Keith Fontenot, who serves as Archivist to Clerk of Court Charles Jagneaux in collecting, preserving, interpreting and sharing the many records in the St Landry Parish Court House will present a three hour workshop (from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM-(To be held, 8 Jan 2011) for members and guests of the Imperial St Landry Genealogical and Historical Society.

The archives are located in room 34 in the basement of the Court House. It is the depository for a vast collection of primary historical documents. The office holdings include records pertaining not only to present day St. Landry, but also Acadia, Evangeline, Jefferson, Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, and Cameron parishes prior to the mid 1800’s.

Research by archival experts at the rate of $20 per hour. These experts are thoroughly familiar with the records and will save you time and money.
These records include:
  • Marriage Licenses, 1807 – Present
  • Bonds, 1847 – Present
  • Livestock Brands, 1855 – 1970
  • Civil District Suits, 1813 – Present
  • Coroner Inquest, 1876 – 1965
  • Donations, 1826 – Present
  • Immigration Papers, 1820 – 1920
  • Conveyances, 1805 – Present
  • Miscellaneous Records, 1854 – 1964
  • Mortgages, 1927 – Present
  • Notary Books, 1818 – 1850
  • Partnerships, 1848 – Present
  • Probates, 1807 – Present
  • Probate Court Suits, 1822 – 1846
  • Sheriff Deeds, 1810 – 1924
  • Voter Registration Book, 1895 – 1898
  • Opelousas Post Colonial Documents, 1764 – 1805 (Microfilm)
In addition, a collection of Genealogical Publications is available in our archives.
You may contact Keith Fontenot, St. Landry Parish Archivist at 337-942-5606 Ext. 126 or by e-mail

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