>Happy Birthday Marie II

>A genealogy of Marie Laveau can be found here along with her daughter, Marie Philomene Laveau Glapion, whose birthday is today.  “Marie Laveau Glapion was born February 2, 1827, one of the 15 children crowding first the home on Rampart Street and then the St. Ann Street cottage.”  — Haunted American Tours. Marie’s mother, according to this article, owned two slaves and her death record can be found in the LAGenWeb archives. The previous genealogy denies this claim.  I see no evidence yet.

Lavau, Marie Glapion, 98 yrs F, C 06/15/1881 78 1113

Her daughter Marie Laveau II (1827-c.1895) also practiced Voudou, and accounts confuse the two women. She and her mother had great influence over their multiracial following. “In 1874 as many as twelve thousand spectators, both black and white, swarmed to the shores of Lake Pontchartrain to catch a glimpse of Marie Laveau II performing her legendary rites on St. John’s Eve (June 23–24).”  — Facebook page for Marie Laveau.  Another article from MOA below indicated that it was NOT Philomel Legendre but Malvina Latour.
This article  states that Marie II died of a heart attack at a ball.

“A contemporary of Marie II told Tallant (1946, 126) that he had been present when she died of a heart attack at a ball in 1897, and insisted: “All them other stories ain’t true. She was buried in the Basin Street graveyard they call St. Louis No. I, and she was put in the same tomb with her mother and the rest of her family.”

Creole Slave Songs from Making of America (1886) describe little of Marie II and much more of Malvina Latour who was said to take over for the feast of St. John. It is not so strange that this book should indicate this as everywhere else there are published claims that Marie II conducted the feast of St. John and much has been confused.  Marie took care of her mother before Marie Laveau died on June 15th 1881. Marie Laveau shown below sitting with her daughter, Marie II or Philomene Laveau standing. Marie Laveau was a devout Catholic.  Do you think she has a record in the recently released archives? Another article confusing Marie II with Malvina LaTour here in the Google Newspaper archives.


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