>Montecello confusion

>Ship Montecello 1859
Sailors magazine for the year ending Vol 31-32 by American Seamens Friend Society (1858)

It was said that the ship Montecello burned in March of 1859 on its way from New Orleans to Liverpool with damages estimated at over $200,000. This to me…..says the ship was a total loss. So which ship is which?

“The ship reappeared earlier this month after waves created by Hurricane Ike eroded the beach about six miles from Fort Morgan. After examining photographs of the wreck, Shea McLean, marine archaeologist with the Museum of Mobile, said the ship is most likely the Monticello, a two-masted schooner run aground and partially burned on June 26, 1862.” –
Ike uncovers historic ship on Baldwin County beach
Friday, September 19, 2008
By Guy Busby

Adding to the confusion is the US NAVY ship Montecello

You can view the Pentagon report about the find here. It was new to me, anyway.

I don’t imagine that an Iron Clad could burn , especially if it has not been built yet.  This New York Times article depicts the, Monticello being commissioned to be built announced June 17, 1859 AFTER the Monticello burned in March of 1859.

Sunday March 27, 1859 (Calendar)

Gun Boat Monticello June 27, 1861

Brig Monticello arrival at Boston files from Hayti Sept. 4, 1859

Manuscript Collections of the Nantucket Historical Association Research Library , Joy Family Papers. Folder 9.50, Jacob Raymond. URL Cargo Ship, Monticello, 1845, 1853, 1856

Nearly 10 years earlier in 1848 I find the Brig. Monticello in Maine with its Capt. Jacob Clifford.
The ship having been built by Henry S. Staples & Mudgett of Stockton Springs, Maine.  
The genealogy  of Captain Jacob Clifford of Tisbury, Massachusetts can be found here.

It is a six hour drive from Tisbury, MA to Stockton Springs, Maine and you’ll need to take a ferry according to Google maps.  How one can arrive at  Fort Morgan Alabama from Tisbury, Massachusetts I don’t know

Could Capt. Clifford have gone to Hayti Sept. 1859? He died at age 34 on November 8, 1859, of consumption in Holmes Hole, Massachusetts.  This was eight months after the ship Monticello burned on its way from New Orleans, Louisiana to Liverpool, England.

Click here for a slide show of the ship on the beach from Orange Beach Alabama website.

And then of course the Presidential mansion……Montecello, where this film states the President owned over 600 slaves. At the time of this posting, the item was STILL overdue on 2/1/2011. (Hey! You return that!)


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