>James M. Cass Connecticut New Orleans Greys


The newspaper article indicates two dates 1832 or 1833. At first glance I thought the dates were 1832 or 1835.  Note the reply to this article for James M. Cass is being requested to Connecticut.

E. Cass, James Cass, and John M. Cass are listed in the 1851 N.O. City directory as drayman, and butcher for the latter two and working  Dryades Market.

There is also a BLM GLO record under the name James Montgomery Cass in 1876 in Acadia Parish.

LA – Louisiana 007S – 001W SE¼ 7 Acadia

You will have to research exact parish locations of the time to be certain.  Neighbors at the time to Mr. James Montgomery Cass were John Halloway.

HOLLOWAY, JOHN     6/30/1876     200     LA     Louisiana     007S – 001W     E½NW¼     7     Acadia
            007S – 001W     W½NE¼     7     Acadia

It appears that a James M. Cass died in 1898 in Orleans Parish, Louisiana at the age of 62 on October 4th.  Nevermind the James M. Cass of the New Orleans Greys who died too in 1836 in Mexico. Another James M. Cass who presumably was married to Marie Brady is listed as the father of Ann Cass born August 10, 1901. 

This title by Stuart Reid, The Secret War for Texas, suggests that James M. Cass did not die at the battle of Goliad but lived on through Argue Duce.  Read more about the annexation of Texas, Cass County Texas and the New Orleans Grey’s. (Muster Roll)


Not much has changed since 1887. We’re still looking for James M. Cass after 175 years…..

TXGenWeb has him severely wounded at Bexar in December 1835. And here owning land in Haskell County Texas (no date of source). Here is a Confederate Pension application for JAMES MADISON CASS from Haskell county Texas which states his wife’s name was Betty.


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