>Superior Council Records of the Government of Louisiana being digitized

>I submitted my 500th post this week on the Louisiana Genealogy Blog. This blog has been a joy to me. Learning and reading more of Louisiana’s diverse and multi-faceted history has been rewarding.

I’ve fixed a broken link to the Algiers Historical Society. The new URL appears in the Submit your family webpage along with other society links to the far left and right here. The society meets every 3rd Saturday of the month. “Meetings are held 10 a.m. every 3rd Saturday of the month (unless otherwise stated) at the Carriage House behind the Algiers Courthouse.”

It appears that yesterday, February 19, 2011, the Algiers Historical Society discussed old records that are being digititized. I believe an index of these records has been published from the Louisiana Historical Quarterly and is online.

Howard MARGOT, from the Historic New Orleans Collection, returns to give a talk on the current project underway at the Mint to digitize all the French and Spanish notarial/judicial records (the “Superior Council Records”). He will also illustrate with shots of some of the digital images that have been completed up to that point (right now they are still in the 1730s of the French docs).

The index on LAGenWeb: Index of Names from Superior Council Records of the Government in Louisiana 1717-1763 Submitted by Darnell Brunner-Beck & Gretchen Kraft-Costanza Transcribed by Merle Mulkely, Charamie Breaux and Darnell Brunner Beck which was transcribed from: Index of Names from Superior Council Records of the Government in Louisiana 1717-1763
As abstracted in Vols I to XXVI, Louisiana Historical Quarterly 1917-1943
by Brother Marion McCarley, S. C. Brother Martin High School 4401 Elysian Fields Avenue New Orleans, La. 70122 in March of 2002.

Back issues of The Algerine, can be purchased for $3.00 OR Past hard copies of “The Algerine” can be purchased at $3 each (limited number available.) Also (from Sept., 2006 [issue No. 24]) available as .pdf files for the same price. Free subscriptions are available to local libraries and schools as a .pdf file.

See previous and updated post highlighting issues from The Algerine.


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