>Gosset and Johnson Plantation


In searching through Google Newspapers, an article appeared about a plantation that I had never heard of, Gosset Plantation.  The excerpt first found appears at the bottom.   

Search in the BLM GLO records for Gossett does not list an ownership in either, Jefferson, St. James, or  St. John the Baptist Parish.  BLM records for Gossett are in Calcasieu, Terrebonne, Beaurgard, Bossier and Claiborne Parishes from 1840 to 1891.

Standard History of New Orleans 1900

The plantation is also listed here again with much the same information from Jefferson Parish that is listed below from RootsWeb.

WITH THE GRIP OF DEATH; Mysterious Manifestations in an Old..

New York Times Dec 9, 1894

In 1859 there was a beautiful plantation twenty miles above the City of New- Orleans, as the Mississippi River runs, known to the countryside as the Gossett

The Gossett Johnson plantation home was built in 1780 and was a massive two story home with walls of brick some said to be three feet thick.  It was Gossett’s grandmother who cursed the home at a fete of  it’s second owner.  Mr. Gossett’s wife’s physician was D. C. Holliday of New Orleans.
The NYT also has this article about D. C. Holliday who was a doctor to children, black and white in New Orleans and is listed as a physician in 1865, 1866 and 1867 in the St. Joseph Cemetery burial records.
This story however proved haunting!

GOSSETT, Johnson &, 60 slaves, page 408B Jefferson Parish Louisiana 1860
Read further at the NYT about what happened in this house.

It is noted in this finding aid to the LSU special collections maps at the  Hill Memorial Library that in 1866 the Mississippi River changed its course in Jefferson Parish and St. Charles Parish near the Gossett and Johnson plantation.

Gossett in Google Books in St. James Parish



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