Not everyday is a good genealogy day

I banged my head, I stubbed my toe, and I dropped a cup of coffee.  This blog’s background was just downright annoying me and the font too small. I just want to close my eyes and have everything magically appear back to normal.  Like it was before.  I’m not having a good day. For instance, my laptop battery.  It won’t recharge fully.  The laptop is under warranty.  I was given a number.  I wonder if this means they are going to send it or do I have to bug them again?  Just magically appear in my mail box, please!  The thumb tacks.  These have disappeared form the household junk drawer.  Cat food.  That is’nt where I put it last, either.

OH!  And my Yahoo Mail?

Your message was not sent

Your account has been temporarily blocked from sending messages. This block can be caused by sending messages that trigger our spam filters, or by having too many recipients in one email. We encourage you to review the contents and recipient list of your message, and try sending it at after an hour or two. Doing so will usually resolve the matter.
If you are still unable to send messages after a 24-hour period, please read our FAQ for more information and to request Customer Care assistance.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Yahoo! Mail Team

I send mail to my own group and this is the message I get from Yahoo.

The background for this blog, that too, didn’t want to fit after storage.  Hmmmm.  Am I getting older?  I’m just cranky I suppose. The font didn’t appear right on the blog, it was just too small to read.  So I fixed it. 

My blog must’ve been hit in the head with one of those Mardi Gras co-conuts for some time.  The party is over!


About Louisiana Genealogy Admin

I manage several RootsWeb mailing lists and message boards, support Louisiana Cemetery Preservation, am a former Louisiana and Mississippi librarian, have been researching genealogy of my family since 1988, and write and promote several blogs supporting either Louisiana genealogy or Louisiana cemeteries.
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