Tremoulet House and Latrobe

Henry S. Bonneval Latrobe was the son of Henry Benjamin Latrobe.  Henry Benjamin Latrobe was the architect of  the White House and many other famous structures.  Henry S. Bonneval Latrobe died of yellow fever in New Orleans in 1817, three years before his father, who also died of yellow fever. Neither saw the completion of the Frank Island lighthouse, whose foundation crumbled shortly after having been built. Henry S. Bonneval Latrobe is buried with his father in St. Louis Cemetery and is credited too with the central tower design of St. Louis Cathedral.

I came across the Frank’s Island Lighthouse blog in searching for more information on Henry Latrobe. There is also a group researching the Latrobe family on Facebook
Below  is a screen shot of a log book documenting the lighthouse being built which is also mentioned in the Frank’s Island blog. The jpg below begins in March of 1816.

This website tells about Pass a l’Outre Lighthouse, and Latrobe. There are photographic representations taken in 1934 on LOUISiana Digital Library of the Frank’s Island lighthouse. It is a brick structure.
The Pass a l’Outre Lighthouse is clearly metal and not the same lighthouse.

I happened upon all of this just from attempting to find the corner of St. Peter and Levee Streets, New Orleans from a 1827 newspaper advertisement.  Quite a historic diversion, especially if Henry S. Bonneval died in 1817 whereas the New Orleans Bar website claims he was still writing a diary in 1818. Must’ve been the elder’s diary and not Henry S. Bonneval Latrobe OR the date is a typo. I wonder which source the New Orleans Bar used in 2010? Hmmmm. This needs a little more research I think!  🙂 See the NOLA Graveyard Rabbit from March 2010 for photos of the Latrobe memorial clearly indicating H. S. B. Latrobes death date of 1817 and beautiful photograph of  the St. Louis Cathedral.

  •  Impressions Respecting New Orleans Diary & sketches 1818-1820, Edited with introduction and notes by Samuel Wilson, Jr. 1951.
  • The Journals of Benjamin Henry Latrobe 1799-1820 From Philadelphia to New Orleans, 1980.

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