Unknown cemetery Orleans Parish

Does anyone have any idea about the history around S. Tonti Street in New Orleans? Here is a map from 1895 that illustrates a cemetery on the Illinois Central American Railroad just above S. Tonti and likely within a 1/4 mile of that street.

The map is 116 years old  and the area has changed BUT the streets below the cemetery  have not changed  names.  There are many street name changes in New Orleans over the past 100 years or so. The location of 4th Street was critical in placing the cemetery on a modern day Google map near a railroad. There are many cemeteries to the NORTH and EAST and WEST of this location.  I just love old maps. A little farther Northeast would place the cemetery at the Superdome.  I just don’t know the name of this cemetery and cant seem to find it anywhere.


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  1. Wrong Street Name….Washington Ave Cemetery Before 1895I am from New Orleans and I don't know anything about the name of the cemetery but I my be able to help you with the location and point you in the right direction to find the name. I look at your map and if the red box is the cemetery then thatwould place your cemetery on a present day map at Washington Ave. (Two blocks north on Toledano St. and S. Tonti St. Toledano merges with the street on the right and take on that street name of presentday name Washington Ave.)The Illinois Central American Railroad was a streetcar line on Calliope St. present day name Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.So that would place your cemetery on Washington Ave. as the Westborder with Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. as the east border.With the present day cut street between S. White St. on the South (south border) S. Dupre St. on the North (north border). I may be able to point you in the right direction to get the answerto your question about the cemetery. You can ask Blake Pontchartrainat Gambit Magazine "The New Orleans know it all". BestofNewOrleans.comhttp://www.bestofneworleans.com/gambit/columns/Category?oid=1222790

  2. Agreed! After consulting with the New Orleans Regional Arch. contact she indicated that the cemetery location would be present day White Street. The map was created by the Mississippi River Commission. I have had difficulty finding its source materials, which could also give a few clues as to the information the map contains. The general opinion of the Louisiana Dept of Arch Regional New Orleans is that this cemetery was placed on the map under "planning purposes", I do not agree with this concept due to the map author's purpose, which was to document areas along the River and Canals in Louisiana. Why would the Mississippi River Commission create a map that contained "future plans" of New Orleans? I have not seen such maps from the MRC. Thank you for commenting! Sorry it has taken so long for its approval.

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