"The Only Brewery in New Orleans" – Caspar Lusse – Steam Lager Beer

[Louisiana as it is: its topography and material resources; its topography and material resources; its cotton, sugar cane, rice and tobacco fields; its corn and grain lands, climate and people of the state. Reliable information for any who may desire to settle or purchase lands in the Gulf states (Google eBook) By Daniel Dennett “Eureka” press, 1876 – 288 pages]

“1869 America’s first brewery refrigeration machine installed in New Orleans brewery.”  The Evolution of the Pale American Lager.

Mississippi History Now, has stated:

“It wasn’t until 1868 that the world’s first commercial ice plant opened in New Orleans, Louisiana.”

“Refrigeration enabled the breweries to make a uniform product all year round. Brewing was the first activity in the northern states to use mechanical refrigeration extensively, beginning with an absorption machine used by S. Liebmann’s Sons Brewing Company in Brooklyn, New York in 1870. Commercial refrigeration was primarily directed at breweries in the 1870s and by 1891, nearly every brewery was equipped with refrigerating machines.” History magazine

The advertisement written in 1876 states that the refrigeration was installed three years earlier 1873, but another unidentified / confirmed source indicates it was installed as early as 1869. Hmmmm. A mystery. Yes, indeed a ghost of the past.

See also Succession Index – for Caspar Lusse born Switzerland died  age 56,  12/13/1878, New Orleans Public Library. (son Henry Lussee – more genealogy on Henry Lusse)

New Orleans, Louisiana Directories 1890-1891:

  • Lusse, Henry, business name Soule Brewery, occupation foreman, location 2, 112-1/2 Thalia, New Orleans, 1890
  • Lusse, Henry, occupation brewer, location 2, 527 Customhouse, New Orleans, 1891

[Proceedings of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar and Appendant Order of the State of Louisiana (Google eBook) 1868]

The Hardung Brewery in New Orleans was listed as a new brewery in 1898.


American brewers’ review
, Volume 12 (Google eBook) De Braumeister Pub. Co 1899



Attending the US Brewers Associations Convention



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