Password security issues and friends not so quickly forgotten

I have been on something of a hiatus the past few months. I’m looking forward to getting back to it…but just not right now.

One of the items that needed to be addressed here was that Yahoo passwords were hacked. I fixed the Yahoo email issue with my account_s , although it is likely a temporary fix because hackers are constantly revising ways to get into your email accounts and so forth. The second issue was that someone ELSE was named on this blog as an author and was authorized to post here. I don’t recall giving anyone else permission on this blog. I removed it. Strange. I have no idea why someone else would want to author this blog other than to just harass. Nothing that I know of was posted and so the hacked permitted email address was just sitting there staring me in the face after I logged in as if to say…..WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WHY ARENT YOU POSTING? IVE BEEN SITTING HERE WAITING FOR MONTHS NOW. LOL So… I Removed Jim something or other who has a account from being an author.

As if THAT wasn’t enough of an issue with Blogger, I had to go over all of my email accounts and reset all of my passwords – including Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

About FACEBOOK. It appears that FACEBOOK has now allowed to edit discussion posts and also allows other to peek into your edited discussions. It is a nice feature that should be added to INITIAL POSTS. These posts should equally be editable – BUT ARE NOT.

FACEBOOK, continuously requests that I add a friend, whom I know is deceased. It saddens me every time I see the request in the sidebar. I have turned this into FACEBOOK with statements, copies of obituaries, photographs, memorials etc., however, FACEBOOK refuses to acknowledge that my friend, who was new to FACEBOOK and much preferred email to FACEBOOK, IS DECEASED. This is what brought me back to Blogger. This would be okay, if it had only happened once. But I know far too many people who have become Facebook memorial sites…

FACEBOOK – ID LIKE TO TEACH YOU A LESSON, ❤ Louisiana Genealogy Blogs


About Louisiana Genealogy Admin

I manage several RootsWeb mailing lists and message boards, support Louisiana Cemetery Preservation, am a former Louisiana and Mississippi librarian, have been researching genealogy of my family since 1988, and write and promote several blogs supporting either Louisiana genealogy or Louisiana cemeteries.
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